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Cross-cultural management  

Why some of the intercultural competence models and cultural training programs are not enough?

Working in a diverse environment requires not only knowledge and understanding of cultural differences, values, and behaviours. We need training programs to exercise an open mind; training programs, which combine awareness of cultural differences and similarities, understanding of emotional intelligence and management tools. 


This informative and interactive training program helps participants gain an understanding of global competence, identify their own cultural values, analyze how those values impact their working environment, self-assess global competence skills and discover areas of growth. 


The main goal of the program is to enhance the quality of interactions with international and diverse colleagues, business partners and clients. This is achieved by appreciating both local and transnational perspectives that advance new knowledge, creativity and groundbreaking innovation while fostering cultural awareness, worldwide partnerships and cross-cultural encounters. 

Workshops include simulations, activities and dialogue to learn and share best practices, identify resources, discover new opportunities and boost creativity and innovative thinking.


Creating an inclusive workplace


More information coming soon. 

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